Driving school " MRP"

Have lessons in rally driving. The driving school proposes various training courses, vocational training or particular training course. Training can be playful and educational. The training courses are directed on the practice (80% of time), the theory in room represents 20% of the time of training.


Different driving courses from advanced driving to rally driving − great fun & educational. Located in Lespielle, the circuit is more than 1 km long and 9-15m wide, with flat and raised sections made of compacted soil.


Furthermore, it includes a system of integrated watering which allows us to practice skidding, it allows the trainees to drive on surfaces corresponding to some wet asphalt, some snow or the black ice.


Prices :

        - Training course drift (a half-day) : 189€

        - Training course masters (a day) : 259€

        - Training course rally (2 days) : 530€

        - Private lesson (a day) : 510€

Contact : 

Chemin Lannegrasse 64350 LESPIELLE

Tél : +33 (0)6 09 44 85 74

@ : teammrp64@gmail.com

Website : http://mrp-pilotage.fr/

GPS : 43.46388, -0.159651