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The Vic-Bilh offers you to discover the beautiful countryside of vineyards, lakes and orchids, together with the Romanesque Churches, Castles & fountains as you pass through the lovely villages.


Guides are for sale at the tourist office : 5€.

Hiking trail in Arricau-Bordes (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Hiking n°6 : Pacheras hiking/La randonnée des Pacheras

18,7 km - 4h

This hike in the multiple atmospheres is reserved for the pulled walkers. Its long distance allows to discover the lake of Gabassot, beautiful borders of would chain which shelter roe deers and squirrels among others.

Hiking trail in Aydie (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Circuit n°7 : Aydie, at the heart of the vineyard / Aydie, au cœur du vignoble

9,1 km - 2h10

This beautiful escapade in the vineyard of Madiran is punctuated with magnificent points of view. We understand better the attachment in the ground by traveling this countryside: vineyards, ponds, meadows and beautiful architecture.

Hiking trail in Cadillon (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Circuit n°3 : The hillsides of Cadillon

10,5 km - 3,30 hours

Appreciated by fishermen and walkers, the lake of Cadillon presents a big interest for the diversity of its wildlife. The circuit also invites you to take advantage of beautiful points of view and, in May and June, to follow one of the sites of remarkable orchids.

Hiking trail in Castetpugon (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Circuit n°4 : The Orchids of Castetpugon

9 km- 4 hours

The grasslands of Castetpugon are characterized by a mixture of local flora and a big variety of Southern plants and about twenty species of wild orchids.

Hiking trail in Conchez-de-Béarn (Vic-Bilh)


Circuit n°5 : Conchez-de-Béarn, architecture from Bearn

6 km - 1,30 hours

Discover the typical architecture of the small villages, the small Romanic church of Mont-Disse, the magnificent point of view of Mont-Durou. You can also stop for a moment in domains Betbeder or of Crampilh to sample wines of Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh.

Hiking trail of the lakes of Corbères and Bassillon (Vic-Bilh)


Circuit n°6 : The lakes of Corbère and Bassillon

15 km - 4 hours

The lakes of Corbère-Abères (38 ha) and of Bassillon-Vauzé (60 ha) are appreciated by the fishermen. The fauna for the diversity which they represent : pike, pikeperch, perch, carp … You can also admire the castle of Corbère-Abères and the church.

Hiking trail in the vineyards of Crouseilles and Lasserre (Vic-Bilh)


Circuit n°7 : Paths of vineyards, Crouseilles and Lasserre

From 2 to 10 km - 1 at 4 hours

3 circuits. Start from terrace of the chateau of Crouseilles (magnificent panorama).

Hiking trail of the bastide of Garlin (Vic-Bilh)


Circuit n°8 : Bastide of Garlin

7km -2hours

The bastide of Garlin was established in 1303 by Marguerite of Béarn. There are at present as vestige only banks and ditches. The village, dominating the nearby valleys, so testify of its strategic character.

You can read about the history of Garlin.

Hiking trail in the valley of Lespielle-Escures (Vic-Bilh)


Circuit n°9 : The valley of Lespielle-Escurès

9 km - 3 hours

The route is fitted out with thematic panels realized by the Academy of the Natural Spaces of Aquitaine. You can visit the water mill of Bellegarde, admire the magnificent panorama, the wild orchids...

Castle of Mascaraàs-Haron (Vic-Bilh)


Circuit n°10 : The Chateau of Mascaraàs

7 km - 2,30 hours

The Chateau of Mascaraàs, situated on a ridge line, was built in the XVIth century and reshaped in the second half of the XVIIIth century.

The route is fitted out with explanatory signs.

Hiking trail of the fountains of Moncaup (Vic-Bilh)


Circuit n°11 : The fountains of Moncaup

4 circuits from 4 to 15 km

The village of Moncaup possesses 11 fountains, built in the XVIIIth century, in stones, bricks, pebbles and wood, and some are endowed with a small pond or with a washhouse. The one of them would be even a supernatural fountain.

Hiking clubs

Association Tour'hist

Hikes scheduled every Saturday afternoon, mainly in the Vic-Bilh. Enjoy the natural environments and architectural heritage.


Price: free

Opening: to the members and to the visitors, on registration, all year long.


18 chemin départemental 143 64330 TADOUSSE-USSAU

Phone: +33 (0)6 84 40 24 83

@: boisquillonannie@orange.fr

May and June
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Association Lembeye-Tonic

Hikes are organized twice a month, mainly in the Vic-Bilh (vineyard, lakes, forests, villages). 3 outings by bus: 2 in the mountains and 1 at the seashore.


Price: 1 hike for a visitor: 4€. Book of 10 walks: 30 €.

Opening: to the members and to the visitors, on registration, all year long.


Phone: +33 (0)6 86 18 04 35

@: brigitte.grohar@laposte.net - Web site: http://lembeye-tonic.jimdo.com/

April to June
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Around the lakes

Bordered by pedestrian paths, hillside lakes are perfect for family walks and sports outings:

  • Bassillon-Vauzé
  • Cadillon
  • Castillon-de-Lembeye
  • Corbère-Abères
  • Garlin