Hiking trails

More than 275 km of marked trails

10 hiking trails, 7 biking routes and 2 horse riding paths

The Vic-Bilh offers you to discover the beautiful countryside of vineyards,

lakes and orchids, together with the Romanesque Churches,

Castles & fountains as you pass through the lovely villages.


Guides are for sale at the tourist office : 5€.

"Mountain bike & equestrian loops" map (free).


These brochures are available at the Tourist Office of Lembeye

and at the Garlin Town Hall.

Hiking trail in Arricau-Bordes (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Hiking n°1: Ridges and vineyards     

24,6 km - 3h

Lovers of muscular outings, this loop is for you!

A few "spicy" climbs are rewarded with superb views of the mountains and vineyards from the ridges. 

Hiking trail in Arricau-Bordes (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Hiking n°2: The lakes road     

17,6 km - 2h

Aesthetic and varied, this tour follows a countryside that inspires tranquility.

The tour of the lakes and the shaded areas are very pleasant.

To be practiced all year round without moderation!

Hiking trail in Arricau-Bordes (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Hiking n°3: The Vic-Bilh Valley        

33,7 km - 3h by mountain bike / 5h by horseback

This sporting circuit offers some challenging climbs, but also beautiful sections such as the ascent of the Tram line or the descent of the bridge heading. To do absolutely!

Hiking trail in Arricau-Bordes (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Hiking n°4: The Vic-Bilh hills 

19 km - 1h45

Take a step higher with this circuit with its amazing views.

Rolling and without difficulty, undergrowth descents punctuate open areas.

Essential all year round.

Hiking trail in Arricau-Bordes (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Hiking n°5:  In the heart of the Madiran vineyard            

24,5 km - 2h40 by mountain bike / 3h by horseback

This is an aesthetic loop that is perfect for escape. Quietness guaranteed in forests of various species. What a pleasure to cross these countryside with its remarkable traditional architecture.

Hiking trail in Arricau-Bordes (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Hiking n°6: Pacheras hiking

18,7 km - 4h by foot / 1h40 by montain bike

This hike in the multiple atmospheres is reserved for the pulled walkers. Its long distance allows to discover the lake of Gabassot, beautiful borders of would chain which shelter roe deers and squirrels among others.

Hiking trail in Aydie (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Hiking n°7: Aydie, in the heart of the vineyard

9,1 km - 2h10 by foot / 1h by moutain bike

This beautiful escapade in the vineyard of Madiran is punctuated with magnificent points of view.

We understand better the attachment in the ground by traveling this countryside: vineyards, ponds, meadows and beautiful architecture.

Hiking trail in Cadillon (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Hiking n°8: Architecture and vineyard

7,2 km - 1h45 

Charming escape from the beautiful village of Conchez-de-Béarn.

The typical 18th c. houses are placed high up around the very pleasant pediment square. 

This bucolic walk reveals magnificent hills and their Madiran vineyards. the views of the country are of the greatest attraction!

Hiking trail in Castetpugon (Vic-Bilh/Madiran)


Hiking n°9: The walk of the castle

1,6 km - 40 minutes 

This short walk offers an incredible panoramic view of the Pyrenees.

Ideal for a late afternoon walk, the light in the wood shines through the foliage and floods the facade of the castle. 

The walk is also rocked by the rustling of the leaves, the toc-toc of the green woodpecker and the song of the swift thumb.

Hiking trail in Conchez-de-Béarn (Vic-Bilh)


Hiking n°10: Vineyards ans castle

2,5 km - 45 minutes

We are in the heart of the Madiran vineyards! With this loop around the castle of Crouseilles, we would take a few moments to take the castleman around the property! 

Vines as far as the eye can see, a superb castle and a grain of sport are the ingredients of this walk.

Hiking trail of the lakes of Corbères and Bassillon (Vic-Bilh)


Hiking n°11: Circuit of the historic heart

2 km - 1 hour

North Béarn harbours heritage treasures.

In Garlin, awaken your curiosity, make your sensitivity vibrate, have fun with family or friends by strolling through the streets of this charming bastide.

Here, you will enjoy discovering secret places and a unique way of life.

Hiking trail in the vineyards of Crouseilles and Lasserre (Vic-Bilh)



Hiking n°12: The fountain path

13 km - 3h50

Discover the many fountains around Moncaup.

This walk, steeped in history, takes you through the woods of Moncaup with its typical species, crossing meadows and vineyards.

Its undulating and shaded relief offers very contrasting views and atmospheres.

Hiking trail of the bastide of Garlin (Vic-Bilh)


Hiking n°13 : Mill ans orchids

7,8 km - 2h30

A charming hike full of interest, with shady undergrowth to the rhythm of the green woodpecker. The best time to enjoy orchids is May-June. They grow on dry grasslands, former vineyard land.

Chapel, mill are the other points not to be missed!

Hiking trail in the valley of Lespielle-Escures (Vic-Bilh)


Hiking n°14: The Portet trail

5,6 km - 1h40

A large bath of nature guaranteed!

This walk is a real immersion in the splendid woods of Lavielle. With oak and chestnut trees, the path undulates in this peaceful forest.

The walk crosses some old houses made of traditional pebbles, cob and Picon tiles.         

Castle of Mascaraàs-Haron (Vic-Bilh)


Hiking n°15: The tramway line path

5 km - 1h20

It's a journey back in time that this walk from Lembeye evokes.

Walking on this tramway track lets you imagine the work of the men with the few means at their disposal.

The line connected Pau to Lembeye.                   

Hiking trail of the fountains of Moncaup (Vic-Bilh)


The village of fountains

4 circuits from 3 to 7 km

Surprisingly, these hidden circuits in the middle of the hills offer superb views.

Along the way, you will discover the many fountains of the village of Moncaup.

Around the lakes

Bordered by pedestrian paths, hillside lakes are perfect for family walks and sports outings:

  • Bassillon-Vauzé
  • Cadillon
  • Castillon-de-Lembeye
  • Corbère-Abères
  • Garlin

Hiking clubs

Association Tour'hist

Hiking tours on Saturday afternoons, mainly in Vic-Bilh. Discovery of nature and heritage resources. Open to members and visitors, upon registration, all year round. 

Price: free


Chemin de Berdoy 64330 MASCARAAS-HARON

Tél : +33 (0)6 84 40 24 83 - @ : boisquillonannie@orange.fr

Site : http://tourhist-du-vic-bilh.fr/

Association Lembeye-Tonic

Brigitte Grohar organizes hiking tours 3 times a month (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), mainly in the Vic-Bilh. Discovery of the countryside, lakes, forests and charming villages. Over a dozen kilometres, on hilly and varied country roads and paths, you walk at your own pace following the markers. A good snack awaits you to make you feel refreshed! 

Appointments are held at 9am on Tuesday and 1:30pm on Thursday and Saturday at Place Marcadieu in Lembeye. Carpooling provided until the start of the walk.

Open to members and visitors, upon registration all year round.

Price: 1 hike for a visitor: 4€. Book of 10 walks: 30 €.

Opening: to the members and to the visitors, on registration, all year long.


Phone: +33 (0)6 86 18 04 35 - @: brigitte.grohar@gmail.com - Site : http://lembeye-tonic.jimdo.com/