Tourist Route in Vic-Bilh

By car

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Blue road



From Lembeye, you can admire the tower-bell tower as well as its church. Set off from the place of the village direction " Aire-sur-Adour ". Just by going out of Lembeye, you will discover on your right a very attractive small dovecote in ruin. You drive on D13, little after the crossing towards Madiran take the small road to the left in the direction of the village of Escurès. You can continue or stop in the charming small villages of Escurès, Lespielle and Arricau-Bordes.

castle of Arricau-Bordes


You can visit a water mill which produces some flour at Lespielle and you admire the medieval Chateau of Arricau-Bordes. You can then procced to get back on the D13. You will discover a magnificent panorama on the hillsides of Vic-Bilh.



 Continue on D13 until Conchez-de-Béarn. Stop for a moment to admire the beautiful houses which present all the architectural characteristics of the Country.

church of Diusse



Continue on D13 by going out of the village, to reach Diusse where a magnificent view of the Roman church waits for you.

vineyard of Madiran in Aydie



Continue on the D13, direction of Aubous and Aydie (home town of the famous writer Joseph Peyré). You will be in the heart of the vineyard of Madiran / Pacherenc of Vic-Bilh and vineyards.

house wine of Madiran


Continue your road in the direction of the charming village of Madiran. You can visit the Home of Wines of Madiran / Pacherenc of Vic-Bilh or sample our wines in the shop Generation Madiran. You can also admire the church and the Prieuré.

castle of Crouseilles


Head towards Crouseilles on D139 where you can stop to discover the chateau, sample (in moderation) the wine Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh or the Madiran, or go for a walk on paths through the vineyards which leave the chateau.





Continue on the D139 in the direction of Lembeye.

On this road, you can stop one moment to Séméacq-Blachon and Castillon.

Blue and green route


Take the same stages as the blue route until Diusse.

Then, turn left, in the direction of Garlin, you can stop at Castetpugon to sample local products at the farm-inn.




Continue until Garlin, attractive bastide. You can admire the Chateau of Hitton (city hall at present), the ancient convent of the Capuchin friars, the typical houses with arches, the church of neo-Gothic style …

castle of Mascaraàs

On your way, in the direction of Mascaraàs-Haron to visit the Chateau of Mascaraàs. Built in the 16th-17th century, it still has authentic 18th century decoration. Visit the dozen or so used rooms, entirely furnished with 17th and 18th century pieces and works of art dating from the 15th to 18th centuries.

church of Taron



After, take the direction of Taron-Sadirac-Viellenave, where you can admire the church, the Gallo-Roman vestiges and sample our wines Madiran, Pacherenc, AOC Bearn...

snail farm in Lannecaube



Take the direction of Lannecaube and discover the snail farm. You can buy fresh, cooked and deep-frozen snails ; sale of chickens.

water mill of Lespielle


Continue your road by way of the village of Vialer, then stop at Lespielle, where you can visit the Mill of Bellegarde, a water mill making flour.

church of Simacourbe



Continue on Simacourbe, where you can admire the Roman church. Finally, return to Lembeye.